The Worst Survey Panels of 2013

Survey panels to avoid

Most Survey Panels are legit, while not perfect they do make good on their promise, you do surveys, they pay you.Now there are a few survey panels on the internet that will trick you into joining and then Find some pretty sick and shameful ways to avoid paying you. Here are a few of them that I have personally used and have sorely regretted doing so. 

  • INBOXPAYS...Before joining this survey panel i read some pretty terrible reviews about this website. What surprised me was there was only one individual out of hundreds of reviews that i read who claimed to have been paid by them.There were literally horror stories of people amassing hundreds of dollars only to be denied payment for some rather strange reasons. Out of curiosity and the need to gain experience from doing surveys and earn some much needed cash, I registered.

The website is nicely laid out, colorful and had a lot of GPT (get paid to )offers and surveys that paid well. They also have paid emails and you get a survey panel leading .15 cents on average to open and  read a paid email. Now The cash out amount is $50. I t took me 2 months to reach that amount, as I was a lot busier at the time. After reaching my $50 target, I requested my $50 Paypal redemption. On InboxPays, it takes up to a ridiculous 45 days for your funds to be loaded into your Paypal account. On the homepage, there is a blatant lie that you can "redeem your cash and receive your funds quickly. as seen the photo on the left below. Now view the second photo to the right that clearly says in their fine print that you have to wait a MANDATORY 30 days before your payment is processed, which may take an additional 15 days before you get your funds, which i doubt. note how flashy and inviting the website is, in InboxPays case its just deception. 

Please note that Opinionoutpost Treasuretroopers and Vindale Research  Paypal  redemption are instant,  Globaltestmarket took 6 to 10 days on average, which is decent..You get the idea. Now not only do you have to verify your phone number to ensure you are a US resident, you have to call them EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU WANT TO CASH OUT TO VERIFY YOUR ACCOUNT ALL OVER AGAIN, also if that isn't good enough, they ask you to send them a Photo ID (Drivers license etc) to further verify your account, the first time i saw a member post this fact on an online forum, I laughed, though it was a joke..they (InboxPays are dead serious. Your Paypal account must be US verified by the way And after doing all the above, except drivers licence (never send a copy of your drivers licence or any other ID to any survey panel, whatsoever to verify your account, there are other ways and means of doing so), I thought hey maybe they are paranoid, but at least now i will get my money! (The admin told me that they now use these strict rules because the website was hacked)..yeah right and who cares, is it my fault?

Anyway after waiting for what seemed like forever (40 days), i said finally, pay day is around the corner. I logged into my InboxPays account and checked my payment status. MY  JAW DROPPED. The date that I had called and requested payment and the day were both altered to make it appear i had just recently both cashed out and called them, . The dates  were altered by 4 weeks. I cashed out March 10, they changed it to June 20, you get the idea? So i would have to wait until July 30 to redeem my cash. I simply could not believe it, though it was a joke and contacted them.A day later I got an email stating that i should send proof that i had in fact cashed out the day that i had claimed. Are they F@cking serious? the information is on their website and they changed it.! I threatened to report them to the Better Business Bureau which I did, they never responded to my complaint there. so I kept sending them emails and like a bad cliche, one day I tried to log into my account and was told my account was banned due to misconduct. I called the admin named KEVIN ( He is Notoriously rude) and asked him what the issue is and why was my account closed and why the redemption date altered, he simply said that he has to do a thorough check of my account and that it will take 30 days. I told him don't bother and hang up. 

I surely did learn my lesson, truth is I wasn't upset, because it was a learning experience and if I can prevent even one person from getting scammed, that will be a victory for me. Also they have no working Facebook fan page the last time i checked and their Blog is riddled with negative reviews and comments (including mine) in fact the admin there has stopped paying attention to them, and rarely, if at all reply. It's sad because they last entry there, when I checked was march 2012..sad indeed. You have been warned. 

  •  Askgfk (the US panel) is next on my list, this survey panel was shady from the get go, I registered, they seem legit, so what could go wrong? First of all, you do surveys, they reward you with points, you need 2500 points to redeem..REDEEM WHAT? DON'T ASK ME I STILL DON'T KNOW. Nothing is mentioned about the redemption options on the website, apart from the fact that when you have amassed 2500 points a link will magically appear (and it did) that will take you to a different website where you use your Askgfk username and password to log in and redeem your mysterious reward..Problem is that the link that opens up, your Askgfk username and password doesn't work, nope I couldn't log in. I emailed Askgfk (for the 13th time) and ask them to investigate, even giving them my username and password. no response, i emailed them again 5 times, no response and it has been a while. they kept sending me emails, i trying to close my account on their website, there is no link to close my account, WTF? I had to resort to send their emails to my spam folder. If you do join this panel be sure to get straight up answers from them as to what exactly will you be earning. Avoid at all cost until they drop the shady act. I have posted some photos so you can see my point,. no pun intended.  

  •  YouGov By all means this is a fun survey panel, it  has great surveys that are generally very easy to complete, whats the problem then?,  their rewards (photo below). They pay you points for completing surveys, on average 500 points per survey. they do not offer Paypal redemption etc. Want a check instead? you have to amass 100000 points for a $100 check. so $1 is the equivalent of 1000 points. remember the most I have gotten from doing a survey is 1000 points for a 40 minute survey. This wouldn't be a major issue if they sent out survey invitations frequently..nope, I get an invitation from them once every 3 weeks or less, I have confirmed this with others also.Sure they have lower points prizes, you want a cheap looking tote bag with the word YouGov plastered on it? you got 17500 points ? good for you. You can however you can get a $15 Amazon Gift card for 35000 points, which is just plain wrong and implies you have to earn $35 to get something worth $15. I have received an email from YouGov stating that due to the increasing complaints from their panel members about the lame reward structure, they will be adding better reward options.To date all I have seen is a Visa prepaid gift card option (50000 & 100000 points for $50 and $100 respectively), hopefully they will add Paypal redemption also. If you dont mind doing surveys for fun and being part of a good online community, they go ahead and register. I you need to earn some decent cash and prizes, It would be a good idea to pass on this one..for now anyway.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know. Whether you agree or disagree with my list of really bad survey panels


  1. Nice article. i too have been a victim of inboxdollars. however i disagree without your opinions about yougov, i get frequent survey invitations from them

  2. Thank you, my issue with yougov isnt so much the survey invitations, Its there reward structure

  3. Thanks for giving us the ones to look out for. I almost used a couple of those last week! It's a good thing that I didn't, I will always check here first.

  4. YouGov was the very first one I used and that almost turned me off to surveys. Your site has helped me a lot and I think I am going to give it another try. What would you suggest for a newbie to start with?

  5. there you go guys, always glad to help :-), most survey websites are great, just a few bad apples out there. i will continue to update this page as needs be....